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About Volunteering
It takes 100's of volunteer power to make NW Kidney Kids run.

VolunteerCamp2019 Our Volunteer Program engages adults living with kidney disease, professionals who work with the kidney population and other caring role models within our community by offering opportunities to engage with our kidney kids on a personal level. With the great support and faithfulness of our volunteer team, we are able to provide high-quality, meaningful support to kidney families. Volunteers are essential to our programs and our team is highly committed to serving our mission in an array of roles. Each year over 100 volunteers contribute over 1000 hours of service to NW Kidney Kids.

Register to Volunteer with Northwest Kidney Kids
Camp Opportunities
Camp Counselors (Family and Youth Camp)
Camp Counselor is responsible for the planning and implementation of the daily schedule of camp events and special activities. Promote daily and upcoming activities to excite and prepare campers. Is a positive role model for youth and staff at all times. Camp Counselor is responsible for supervision of campers, enforce policies to ensure campers safety and mentor younger/newer counselors and must be able to engage actively and take a leadership role amongst the assigned group and self-directed tasks. Must be at least 18 years of age. (<18yrs).

Application to become a Volunteer: Camp Counselor, Counselor in Training or Medical Staff

Counselors in Training (Family & Youth Camp)
For individuals who are interested in learning about the transition from camper to counselor, who have a desire to improve their leadership skills, and have a love for kidney camp. We are looking for applicants who have completed at least two years of Teen/Youth Camp (if you are a Kidney Kid Camper) and have relevant work or volunteer experiences working with children or at camps. Applicants will be expected to go through the same trainings and application process as Camp Counselors but will be paired with an experienced counselor based on comfort level and experience.

Assistant Camp Director ( Family Camp)
The Assistant Camp Director is responsible for the planning and implementation of the camp schedule including staying on track with the schedule and confirming logistics for special activities/group outings. Promote daily and upcoming activities to excite and prepare campers. Is a positive role model for youth and staff at all times. Assist the Camp Director in all aspects of camp. Must have the ability to work with and supervise children as well as communicate to counselors effectively. Must have at least one-year prior camp experience in a camp counselor role.

Medical Staff (Youth)
The Camp Nurse will administer health care for all children and adolescents attending camp throughout the camping season. Requirements to administer medical care at camp include, must be 21 years or older, have experience in pediatric and/or emergency nursing care is desirable, current RN certification or have the ability to practice under the protection of medical license (for nursing, pharmacy and/or other medical students). It will be important to find enjoyment in living a physical active lifestyle that promotes health and wellness as that is what we promote to our children. Individuals must be in good health, and display maturity and moral character. It will be vital to possess excellent written and oral communication skills for tracking medication administration and working one on one with parents to ensure care and safety of their children while they are away. Medical staff must be empathetic with and committed to carrying out the basic purposes of medical care for each child you are responsible for. It is essential to enjoy working with children and have the ability to understand the needs of campers while placing these needs (and those of camp) ahead of personal desires. You will be required to ensure the care you provide will be the highest quality to help make the camping experience one that is healthful and positive for all those in the camp community.

Other Opportunties

Throughout the year we have various programs for Youth and Families.

Our signature fundraiser that supports our Programs. We need help from committee to day of. April 18th 2020

Strut Your Kidney
Our second largest fundraiser that supports our Programs. We need help from committee to day of. September 20th 2020
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Northwest Kidney Kids, Inc. was founded in 2006 to provide support and education to children with chronic kidney disease and their family members. As the only program of its kind in Oregon, our mission is “to offer hope and support to children with chronic kidney disease and their families. We provide prevention services, educational programs and group activities that empower Kidney Kids to take charge of their health, embrace their future, and achieve lifelong success.”
Northwest Kidney Kids
Phone: 503-893-5671
PO Box 230075
Portland, OR 97281
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