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Northwest Kidney Kids

"It Matters"

We invite you to learn more about some of our Northwest Kidney Kids families!

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Lynn Family Lynn Family

“NW Kidney Kids matters to me because I get to have fun! Normally the attention is on my sister, but here (at Kidney Camp) we both get the attention we need.”

-Addie L.
Lee Family Lee Family

“As a pediatric provider, I embrace NWKK’s mission to empower kidney kids for lifelong success - to confidently achieve their goals supported by a community of their peers. I believe It Matters”

-Joyce Lee, MD
Lamb Family Lamb Family

“This is what my family needed. Just to be seen and know that there are other people out there and that they can understand my sons needs and my own parent needs. This is NW Kidney Kids.”

-Kimarie Lamb
Kidney Mom

Garrido Family Garrido Family

“We found that NW Kidney Kids is a great organization to be a part of. Welcoming, loving, joyful, and family felt group. We love the activities that are planned throughout the year. Family camp was by far our favorite. We can't wait for next year and many more years to come.

Being a part of NW Kidney Kids lets us know that we are not alone. There are families that help us explore and know what our kidney kid is going through, and as a family we help each other get through it.”

-The Garrido Family
Watson Family Watson Family

“As a parent of a 22 year old born in kidney failure and transplanted at age 16 I have seen NWKK play a big role in his life. Dakota growing up always wanted to know people who were “like him.” That mattered to him so much. When he started at NWKK, it was first as a kid who donated his 4H market sale money to them because he longed to be a part of that group. When he started attending camps I saw his self esteem and his mental health improve drastically. He finally had found “his people.” He made fast, long lasting friendships that will last him a lifetime.”

-Samantha Watson
Kidney Mom

Gentry Family Gentry Family

“We found it so meaningful to connect with other families and counselors who have been on a similar medical path. Your wonderfully encouraging community makes the kidney journey feel less lonely. Seeing our daughter compare similar kidney scars with a fellow kidney kid brought tears to my eyes.”

-Ann & Dale Gentry
Kidney Parents
Abebe and Gessesse Family Abebe and Gessesse Family

“Northwest kidney kids matters to me and my families because it gives us the light through the tunnel and gives us confidence. When my son was diagnosed with stage four kidney disease, I didn’t think he would beat the challenges and would grow and thrive this well. After I got introduced to Northwest kidney kids, I got to see other families and kids who went through the same challenge my son did, seeing them grow and become adults gave me a great hope.

They made a big difference on how I dealt with my sons' health issues and difficulties. They mean a lot to me and my children because they showed us our challenge is not only ours and how to have fun through difficult times. Most of all they made it easy for my other children to deal with their brother’s illness, how to cope with the difficult time spent in the hospital and helped him understand all his medical procedures and surgeries, along with caring and playing with him.

Donation helps NW Kidney Kids to raise awareness, plan social gatherings for families like us to get together, share information, resources, and proper education along helping us cope and release our stress. Being a part of this group, I have learned to accept my son’s medical problem and deal with it without forgetting my other children’s needs so that it doesn’t impact the rest of my families' daily activities, and also not to forget to take care of myself.

Most importantly, I learned that I’m not alone in this challenge. NW Kidney Kids has a strong effect on most of us because of the education and resources. They provide to us the social and emotional support group for both parents and children, and it is a significant support for families like us. Our family always looks forward to all events and activities provided by NW Kidney Kids. We always feel welcome and connected with other families.

They give us a chance to be involved in this community.”

Kidney Mom

Crandall Family Crandall Family

“I had a few friends with babies the same age as E and they would fret over little baby glurps or spit ups. And it was mostly about outfits that now "needed" changing. And I couldn't relate. My baby threw up all the time. I could catch it in my cupped hand or it would be so much that it would spill over. My mother-in-law made me "thirsty" or extra absorbent burp cloths to help "catch" everything. I usually used multiple thirsty burp cloths. Afterwards, I would have to fret about if he was keeping enough down. After months of trying things, we discovered that E's body was really sensitive to being dehydrated and throwing up was an indicator he didn't
have enough water. With the help of a g-tube we were able keep E's body and Kidney happy
with a large amount of water.

My Family and I were invited to NW Kidney Kids Family camp when E was 3 by recommendation of our Doctor. I remember sitting at breakfast the first morning with my 3 year old and a baby and a couple who had older kids joined us and asked us our story and what brought us there. When the topic of throwing up came up, they were like "oh, so much throw up!" They got it! We talked about g-tubes and fluid goals and I felt so much relief that they knew what I was talking about. Connections like that are what makes what NW Kidney Kids matter. As a parent, I have friendships and support from people with personal experience. I can talk to them about the things that are different for families not living with a child with chronic kidney disease that are just normal for us.

A Kidney Transplant has been in my son's future since the day he was born. I can only
describe it as like having a ticking time bomb over your head but you don't know how much
time is left or how fast it's going. But after being involved in NW Kidney Kids for the last 5
years, I'm not panicking about what is going to happen when my son's kidney (yes only 1)
tuckers out. I have friends whose child has done dialysis, families who have waited for THE
call, or one that has gone through the process to donate to their child. They're open about
the ups and downs- physically and emotionally. With NW Kidney Kids, I not only have the
parental knowledge from the experiences of others but I also get to see the other side of
transplant. There are the most remarkable kids and volunteers post-transplant living their
best lives. ”

-Whitney Crandall
Kidney Mom


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