Empowering Kidney Kids for Lifelong Sucess

Youth & Family Kidney Camps

Starting in 2019, Northwest Kidney Kids will offer three Camps Programs - Summer Family Camp and Winter & Summer Youth Camps. The Kidney Camp experience provides a safe environment for children and families to gather for educational activities, parent and youth enrichment, emotional support, camaraderie, and networking. Participants receive support from professionals who understand these challenges, and children and parents offer meaningful support to one another and develop friendships that extend beyond Camp. Kidney Camp encourages campers to see life beyond their disease while addressing the emotional issues associated with kidney disease and empowering Kidney Kids to achieve lifelong success.

Registration for 2019 NEW Winter Youth Camp is OPEN!

Family Camp:
January 19 - January 21, 2019. Winter Youth Camp Registration & Information

Registration for Summer 2019 Family and Youth Camp is will open next Spring!

Family Camp: August 2 - August 4, 2019.
Youth Camp: July 29- August 2, 2019

If you are interested in attending Kidney Camp, please email Camps Manager, at program@nwkidneykids.org or call/text (503) 893-5671.

Family Camp

August 3 -5 2018
2018 Aldersgate Camps and Retreat Center for the fifth year!

Family Kidney Camp is for children with chronic kidney disease (on dialysis or with kidney transplant) and their immediate family members (two parent/caregivers and siblings living in the home). Campers can arrive at Camp as early as 2 pm on Friday and Camp ends at noon on Sunday. There is array of lodging. When registering, you can let us know what your needs are (electricity, bathroom, ADA, etc.) The Camp Director will prioritize lodging depending on medical necessity and age of children.

How does my Family Qualify for Camp?

Children currently experiencing end stage renal failure from Birth to 18 years old and their Immediate family (two caregivers and children living in the home). A child experiencing end stage renal failure qualifies for camp if they meet one of the following considerations 1) a child on dialysis - HD or PD 2) Have received a Kidney Transplant 3) Referred for Kidney Transplant 4) Referred to Camp by a Pediatric Nephrologist

Kidney Youth Camps
Camp will be from Monday, July 30 - Friday, August 3, 2018
Aldersgate Camps and Retreat

In 2016 we expanded our Youth Camp to includes children entering 6th, 7th or 8th grade. This was an exciting addition to our already successful Teen Camp.

What are the goals of Youth Camp?

What makes us LOVE Kidney Kids Youth Camp is that kids walk away with a sense of belonging and have found connections with kids 'like them.' The empowerment the youth leave Camp with is hard to measure. Our three main goals of Youth Camp are 1) Youth will understand the importance of managing kidney disease for lifelong success. 2) Youth will engage in nutrition and physical wellness programs geared towards kidney disease. 3) The camp will provide Youth an opportunity to connect with others with kidney disease to gain a better understanding of their disease.

Who will be with my kids all week?

Our Camp is lead by our Camp Director and a dedicated team of young adult Camp Counselors who come back year after year. They all themselves have a connection to kidney disease most of them CKD that are living their life. The youth rave about them and we couldn't ask for a better team.

My child has a lot of medical needs, how will they be addressed at Camp?

We have a dedicated nursing staff on site 24/7 throughout camp. We keep nursing 1:12 youth to make sure that your child unique medical care is being addressed. As camp approaches, we will ask you to fill out detail medical forms and each family sits down with our Medical Staff to go over your child's individual needs prior to leaving your child at camp. We also have a pediatric nephrologist doctor on call 24/7 and pediatric dialysis nurses available, if needed.

How does my kid qualify for Youth Camp?

Children currently experiencing end-stage renal failure and are entering 6th grade in Fall 2017 through graduated seniors in Spring 2018. A child experiencing end-stage renal failure qualifies for camp if they meet one of the following considerations 1) a child on dialysis - HD or PD 2) Have received a Kidney Transplant 3) Referred for Kidney Transplant 4) Referred to Camp by a Pediatric Nephrologist. We prioritize youth campers from Oregon and SW Washington but usually have room for

I still have questions, who can I talk to?

If you have questions and want to hear more about our Youth Camp Program please call/email us. info@nwkidneykids.org or (503) 893-5671
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